A Real Lightsaber for Real Enthusiasts

7 Chambers are proud to design and craft small, boutique runs of enthusiast sabers. We are recognised for producing some of the world’s most appreciated real lightsaber collectibles. Our designs are beautifully styled for display and cosplay. The superior machining, construction and finishing also means that our sabers are perfect for duelling.

I mean, what else are you going to do with a ‘real lightsaber’?

Our hilts and sabers are hand inspected prior to and after the finishing process.  We like to ensure that you’re receiving a quality piece. To view our excellent feedback, you can like and browse our Facebook page. Make sure you stay informed of new, upcoming designs by signing up to our newsletter.

Whatever design you choose, you’ll be joining a worldwide community of happy 7 Chambers saber owners. We encourage your feedback and welcome you to leave reviews, comments and images of your new saber in use on our Social Media.